Plant sulfolipid. 1. Functions

A. A. Okanenko, N. Yu. Taran, O. I. Kosyk
2008 Biopolymers and Cell  
Plant sulpholipid, sulfoquinovosyl diacylglycerol (SQDG) has been found almost in all photosynthetic organisms. SQDG appears to be concentrated mainly in the chloroplasts of plants, as in envelope so and in lamellar membranes. It is associated with purified chloroplast CF0-CF1 ATPase and supposed does not form lipid matrix but plays a more specific role in the catalytic activity of proteins. SQDG molecules were found in the association of the LHC II-apoproteins and are localised as prosthetic
more » ... sed as prosthetic groups at the surface of native D1/D2 heterodimer. Results recent works showed that the physical properties of the PS II complex were altered by the loss of SQDG: for the stable activity PS II needs the presence of SQDG.
doi:10.7124/bc.0007bb fatcat:t6b7l2yvrrblpa426jr3nlpory