Characterization and engineering of sequences controlling in vivo synthesis of brome mosaic virus subgenomic RNA

R French, P Ahlquist
1988 Journal of Virology  
Expression of brome mosaic virus (BMV) coat protein and internal genes of many other positive-strand RNA viruses requires initiation of subgenomic mRNA synthesis from specific internal sites on minus-strand genomic RNA templates. Biologically active viral cDNA clones were used to investigate the sequences controlling production of BMV subgenomic RNA in vivo. Suitable duplications directed production of specifically initiated, capped subgenomic RNAs from new sites in the BMV genome. Previously
more » ... plicated promoter sequences extending 20 bases upstream (-20) and 16 bases downstream (+16) of the subgenomic RNA initiation site directed only low-level synthesis. Subgenomic RNA production at normal levels required sequences extending to at least -74 but not beyond -95. Loss of an (rA),8 tract immediately upstream of the -20 to +16 "core promoter" particularly inhibited subgenomic RNA synthesis. The -38 to -95 region required for normal initiation levels contains repeats of sequence elements in the core promoter, and duplications creating additional upstream copies of these repeats stimulated subgenomic RNA synthesis above wild-type levels. At least four different subgenomic RNAs can be produced from a single BMV RNA3 derivative. For all derivatives producing more than one subgenomic RNA, a gradient of accumulation progressively favoring smaller subgenomic RNAs was seen.
doi:10.1128/jvi.62.7.2411-2420.1988 fatcat:6eteewrgcff2vmp53hwl2oiffq