Poplars of Canada

A. J. Breitung
1952 Blue Jay  
tUGHT species and two varieties of poplar (Populus) are native to Canada and are commonly known as Aspens, Cottonwoods and Balsam Poplars (Plates I and II). They are usually tall, rapid-growing, short-lived trees, possessing an abundance of attractive foliage. A unique character of the Aspens and Cottonwoods is that the leaf-stalks (petioles) are flattened at right angles to the blades and this causes the leaves to tremble and rustle even in the slightest breeze. Poplar leaves, in their autumn
more » ... olors, display the brightest yellow hues of our landscape.
doi:10.29173/bluejay1402 fatcat:pdijvkxzhrcbjj7i27fnluys6a