Пермякова Прасковья Федосеевна, Романова Варвара Васильевна, Рожина Евгения Николаевна, Васильева Елена Спиридоновна, Никанорова Мария Ивановна, Павлова Люция Прокопьевна
The article presents the results of remedial bullcalves assessing by their own productivity, obtained from custom mating by using Simmental and Yakut crossbred breeding bulls. Growth, development and exterior performance were determined as selection criteria. In the conditions of Yakutia, mainly imported purebred bulls were used. In connection with the above problem, it became necessary to switch to livestock breeding «in itself», which began the purposeful raising of local breeding bulls (4th
more » ... reeding bulls (4th generation and home-grown purebred), as well as studying the growth and development of remedial bulls — calves of the desired type in conditions of Yakutia. In accordance with the goal, the following tasks are set: to study the growth and development of remedial bull -calves. The object of the study is young cattle (bull — calf). The results obtained showed that the analysis of absolute and average daily gains did not reveal significant differences in groups of animals (P <0.05). The absolute gain in live weight in Simmental bull — calves exceeded the hybrids during the rearing period from birth to 12 months of age, which indicates their higher growth energy. The live weight of 9-month-old Simmental bulls is 195.6 ± 13.46 kg, which is 12 kg or 6.53% (p<0.05) more than that of analogs of hybrids, and also at the age of 12 months the Simmentals have superiority by 2.22% than crossbred bulls. At the same time, in all cases, Simmental bull — calves had an advantage over their peer's hybrids, which is due to the higher genetic potential of high live weight
doi:10.24412/2587-6740-2021-1-65-68 fatcat:fi2ynt4nrnbrzjmeg6rmtudhii