Measurement in Clinical Respiratory Physiology

1985 Thorax  
Increase in mucociliary clearance in normal man induced by oral high frequency oscillation 16 Clarke SW, Jones JG, Oliver DR. Resistance to twophase gas-liquid flow in the airways. J Appl Physiol 1970;29:464-71. 17 George RJD, Moore-Gillon Victoria, Geddes DM. High frequency oscillations improve nasal mucociliary clearance. Lancet 1984;ii: 10-2. 18 Foster WM, Bergofsky EH, Bohning DE, Lippmann M, Albert RE. Effect of adrenergic agents and their mode of action on mucociliary clearance in man. J
doi:10.1136/thx.40.6.437 fatcat:h2syyhgj7zh3hjgjomp4bno3mu