Traffic Flow Analysis for Short Trips within the Sphere of Influence of a Train Station

Yosuke Hino, Ryuichi Imai, Takato Uehara, Kazushige Endo
In recent years, statistical surveys have been used for understanding actual traffic situations. However, it is difficult to discern travel or routes between different facilities within a narrow area, such as the sphere of influence of a train station, on a real-time basis. One type of big traffic data, a Wi-Fi packet sensor, is capable of measuring mobile terminals with effective Wi-Fi within a sphere of about 200m at all times. However, since the Wi-Fi packet sensor does not provide an
more » ... ive survey, it is necessary to make compensations. It can be considered possible to identify the traffic flow within a station's sphere of influence by combining the data measured by a Wi-Fi packet sensor with big traffic data containing complementary information. The purpose of this study is to devise a method to estimate the traffic flow within the sphere of influence of a railway station by combining multiple types of big traffic data.
doi:10.14864/fss.35.0_487 fatcat:7dg7wj3enjevdjralylkocdsc4