Entre la forma y el sonido. Silbatos de la cultura Nasca

Anna Gruszczyńska-Ziółkowska
1970 Estudios latinoamericanos  
This article was originally published without an abstract. Short description: The article describes the archaeological finds of whistles in Nazca cultures. It contains a brief analysis of acoustic properties of 12 such instruments. Due to the similar dimensions and constructions the whistles had similar acoustic characteristics. This is supplemented by observations on the variety of forms of the whistles. The whistles through form and decoration resembled felines and killer whales – animals
more » ... appear to have been important in Nazca beliefs. Short description written by Michał Gilewski
doi:10.36447/estudios2006.v26.art2 fatcat:snyp7w6f2bfkjlnjcapwb3xihy