Solar Neutrinos Spectroscopy with Borexino Phase-II

Lino Miramonti, Matteo Agostini, Konrad Altenmueller, Simon Appel, Victor Atroshchenko, Zara Bagdasarian, Davide Basilico, Gianpaolo Bellini, Jay Benziger, Daniel Bick, Irene Bolognino, Giuseppe Bonfini (+98 others)
2018 Universe  
Solar neutrinos have played a central role in the discovery of the neutrino oscillation mechanism. They still are proving to be a unique tool to help investigate the fusion reactions that power stars and further probe basic neutrino properties. The Borexino neutrino observatory has been operationally acquiring data at Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso in Italy since 2007. Its main goal is the real-time study of low energy neutrinos (solar or originated elsewhere, such as geo-neutrinos). The
more » ... test analysis of experimental data, taken during the so-called Borexino Phase-II (2011-present), will be showcased in this talk—yielding new high-precision, simultaneous wide band flux measurements of the four main solar neutrino components belonging to the "pp" fusion chain (pp, pep, 7 Be, 8 B), as well as upper limits on the remaining two solar neutrino fluxes (CNO and hep).
doi:10.3390/universe4110118 fatcat:yfrfdw6lefb2pk5cawu3b7zj3e