Learning opinions in user-generated web content

2011 Natural Language Engineering  
The user-generated Web content has been intensively analyzed in Information Extraction and Natural Language Processing research. Web-posted reviews of consumer goods are studied to find customer opinions about the products. We hypothesize that nonemotionally charged descriptions can be applied to predict those opinions. The descriptions may include indicators of product size (tall), commonplace (some), frequency of happening (often), and reviewer certainty (maybe). We first construct patterns
more » ... how the descriptions are used in consumer-written texts and then represent individual reviews through these patterns. We propose a semantic hierarchy that organizes individual words into opinion types. We run machine learning algorithms on five data sets of user-written product reviews: four are used in classification experiments, another one for regression and classification. The obtained results support the use of non-emotional descriptions in opinion learning.
doi:10.1017/s135132491100012x fatcat:5chyy5bqh5a45aykyzivw2kcba