Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of WO3nanoparticles prepared by the arc discharge method in deionized water

A A Ashkarran, A Iraji zad, M M Ahadian, S A Mahdavi Ardakani
2008 Nanotechnology  
Both MoO 3 and V 2 O 5 exhibit considerable absorption in the visible region as seen from their UV-visible diffuse reflectance spectra. In view of higher absorption of V 2 O 5 compared to MoO 3 , the present study is tken up to see whether addition of V 2 O 5 will improve the visible light photocatalytic activity of MoO 3 . 25 wt% V 2 O 5 in MoO 3 showed the highest efficiency and degraded Methyl orange, Rhodamine-B and Eosin Y completely in 30, 160 and 40 mints respectively, while Methylene
more » ... e is only partially degraded.. Index Terms-MoO 3 , V 2 O 5 , Rhodamine-B, Methylene blue, Methyl orange, Eosin-Y, Photoctalysis
doi:10.1088/0957-4484/19/19/195709 pmid:21825727 fatcat:jdpyajmq3bh7paa477bt5z3tpe