Avoid to over-unlocking the helical blade in proximal femoral nail anti-rotation: a case report and literature review [post]

Wenchen Ji, Kai Liu, Meng Li
2020 unpublished
Purpose To discuss the reason and treatment method of helical blade over-unlocking. Methods The case reported in this paper is that the helical blade cannot be locked due to over-unlocking during the treatment of intertrochanteric fracture with PFNA, which is very rare. We expound why it happens and how to deal with it. Results When the helical blade is over-unlocking, if the aiming arm is not disassembled, you can try to take out the helical blade and fix it again. If the aiming arm has been
more » ... ming arm has been removed, it is not recommended to remove the helical blade, we suggest that we should consider adding a screw from the lateral wall through the femoral neck for anti-rotation, or you can observe the tail of helical blade and find suitable screw driver to fix it if there is one. Conclusions In order to avoid over-unlocking of the helical blade, intraoperative fluoroscopy should not only pay attention to the position of the helical blade, but also pay more attention to the abnormal shape of the helical blade itself. Once the helical blade is over-unlocking, it needs to be handled in time.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-33753/v1 fatcat:7luez6fujjcajj465zvasduaya