Effect of Ga2O3 addition on the properties of Y2O3-doped AlN ceramics

H. Shin, S. Yoon-Ok, S. Kim, S. Bang
2015 Science of Sintering  
Effect Ga 2 O 3 addition on the densification and properties of Y 2 O 3 -doped AlN ceramics was investigated under the constraint of total sintering additives (Y 2 O 3 and Ga 2 O 3 ) of 4.5 wt%. Ga was detected in the AlN grain as well as the grain boundary phases. YAlO 3 and Y 4 Al 2 O 9 were observed as the secondary crystalline phases in all of the investigated compositions. As the substitution of Ga 2 O 3 for Y 2 O 3 increased, the quantity of the Y 4 Al 2 O 9 phase decreased while that of
more » ... ased while that of YAlO 3 was more or less similar. Neither additional secondary phases was identified, nor was the sinterability inhibited by the Ga 2 O 3 addition; the linear shrinkage and apparent density were above 20 percent and 3.34-3.37 g/cm 3 , respectively. However, the optical reflectance and the elastic modulus generally decreased whereas the Poisson ratio increased significantly. The dielectric constant and the loss tangent of 4.0Y 2 O 3 -0.5Ga 2 O 3 -95.5Y 2 O 3 at the resonant frequency of 8.22 GHz were 8.63 and 0.003, respectively.
doi:10.2298/sos1501023s fatcat:b55vlgtdxrao5ormslwauirro4