1905 Scientific American  
A curious and unusual phenomenon, in the form of a rainbow for which the moon instead of the sun fur nished the light, was observed here on the night of June 19. A heavy rainstorm, accompanied by con siderable thunder, occurred just before moonrise. As the clouds retired to the west, the luminary rose and the bow was first observed, only the extremities for about 25 degrees being visible, the moon at that time being concealed behind a small cloud. For about twenty minutes, the bow increased in
more » ... e bow increased in brightness, and at the end of that time could be clearly traced through out its entire length. At each end the red and blue colors could be plainly distinguished, but the remain der of the arc showed only as a light streak across the clouds. The conditions for the phenomenon were al most ideal, the moon being but a few days past full, the cloud screen occupying the proper position, and, as it occurred just at moonrise, the bow was seen well
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07081905-27 fatcat:tpknsqqzjvg25e4dhcan6i6s64