Space mapping method for the design of passive shields

Peter Sergeant, Luc Dupré, Jan Melkebeek
2006 Journal of Applied Physics  
The aim of the paper is to find the optimal geometry of a passive shield for the reduction of the magnetic stray field of an axisymmetric induction heater. For the optimization, a space mapping algorithm is used that requires two models. The first is an accurate model with a high computational effort as it contains finite element models. The second is less accurate, but it has a low computational effort as it uses an analytical model: the shield is replaced by a number of mutually coupled
more » ... ually coupled coils. The currents in the shield are found by solving an electrical circuit. Space mapping combines both models to obtain the optimal passive shield fast and accurately. The presented optimization technique is compared with gradient, simplex, and genetic algorithms.
doi:10.1063/1.2164436 fatcat:slt5xklw7rfj5by67qcv6tablu