Production of $sup 11$C by the interaction of 375 MeV/amu Ne$sup 10+$ ions with carbon [report]

A.R. Smith, R.H. Thomas
1975 unpublished
We have measured the reaction cross section for production of l C from 12 C in a polystyrene target with incident 375-MeV/amu Ne lt> + ions at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's Bevalac. We used a broad beam irradiation, and determined both beam profile and absolute particle fluence with LiF thermolum inescent dosimeters, which had been calibrated by track counting in nuclear emulsions; the induced target activity was measured with a Nal(Tl)-crystal, Y-ray spectrometer. The reaction cross
more » ... eaction cross section was 75 ± 7 mb. urn fM« TITiwrf'" T77 ~ ~ ipim mnl i nvi thr Mi lnnin rmploycei potulbibiy fui rht
doi:10.2172/4190245 fatcat:aelimk2q5zcile2cnukilvac6y