Supervised Learning and Codebook Optimization for Bag-of-Words Models

Mingyuan Jiu, Christian Wolf, Christophe Garcia, Atilla Baskurt
2012 Cognitive Computation  
In this paper, we present a novel approach for supervised codebook learning and optimization for bag-ofwords models. This type of models is frequently used in visual recognition tasks like object class recognition or human action recognition. An entity is represented as a histogram of codewords, which are traditionally clustered with unsupervised methods like k-means or random forests and then classified in a supervised way. We propose a new supervised method for joint codebook creation and
more » ... s learning, which learns the cluster centers of the codebook in a goal-directed way using the class labels of the training set. As a result, the codebook is highly correlated to the recognition problem, leading to a more discriminative codebook. We propose two different learning algorithms, one based on error backpropagation and the other based on cluster label reassignment. We apply the proposed method to human action recognition from video sequences and evaluate it on the KTH data set, reporting very promising results. The proposed technique allows us to improve the discriminative power of an unsupervised learned codebook or to keep the discriminative power while decreasing the size of the learned codebook, thus decreasing the computational complexity due to the nearest neighbor search.
doi:10.1007/s12559-012-9137-4 fatcat:l5mfsv7uxraj5lbdgtvqi5adsy