The mean spherical model for a Lorentz-Berthelot mixture of sticky hard spheres

Christian Tutschka, Gerhard Kahl
1998 Journal of Chemical Physics  
We have analyzed the Percus-Yevick ͑PY͒ and the mean spherical model ͑MSM͒ equation for an N-component system of sticky hard spheres. The PY approximation leads to a set of N(Nϩ1)/2 coupled quadratic equations for the unknown coefficients. While for this closure, the pair distribution functions have to be calculated numerically, we can proceed in the MSM one step further if we assume a Lorentz-Berthelot-type rule for the interactions: then the structure functions can be calculated analytically.
more » ... lated analytically. We show that under these conditions in the limit N→ϱ ͑stochastic limit͒ the analyticity of the solution is preserved. General expressions both for the discrete and continuous ͑polydisperse͒ case are presented.
doi:10.1063/1.476399 fatcat:e5zmgqm5m5ctlcu4r3vrbvxl6y