Quantum corrected black holes from string T-duality

Piero Nicolini, Euro Spallucci, Michael F. Wondrak
2019 Physics Letters B  
In this letter we present some stringy corrections to black hole spacetimes emerging from string Tduality. As a first step, we derive the static Newtonian potential by exploiting the relation between the T-duality and the path integral duality. We show that the intrinsic non-perturbative nature of stringy corrections introduces an ultraviolet cutoff known as zero-point length in the path integral duality literature. As a result, the static potential is found to be regular. We use this result to
more » ... derive a consistent black hole metric for the spherically symmetric, electrically neutral case. It turns out that the new spacetime is regular and is formally equivalent to the Bardeen metric, apart from a different ultraviolet regulator. On the thermodynamics side, the Hawking temperature admits a maximum before a cooling down phase towards a thermodynamically stable end of the black hole evaporation process. The findings support the idea of universality of quantum black holes.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2019.134888 fatcat:z6izdnwvjvhb3k7cxuopd6hzly