ENRICHMENT FACTOR OF HEAVY METALS IN DIFFERENT SOIL GRAIN SIZE FRACTIONS AS AN INDICATOR FOR SOIL POLLUTION معامل إثراء المعادن الثقيلة فى حبيبات التربة المختلفة کمؤشر على تلوث التربة

1999 Assiut University Bulletin for Environmental Researches  
An industrial area north of greater Cairo was selected to investigate the impact of intensive industrial activities on soil characteristics and heavy metals content. The studied area was divided into six sectors according to its source of irrigation water and/or probability of pollution. Sixteen soil profiles were dug and soil samples were taken, air dried, fractionated to different grain size fractions, then total heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Co, and Cd) were determined using ICP technique. The
more » ... ment factor for each element, for each soil fraction/soil layer was estimated and discussed. Results revealed that the increase of EFvalues with soil depth, in some cases, may suggest that some heavy metals in the contaminated soils are mobile and leacheable through the soil profile due to the presence of organic complexes usually found in wastewater effluent. These dissolved organic compounds act as chelating agents and protect metals from the ordinary precipitation and fixation process in arid soils. The highest EF ratios in the clay fraction were mainly with Cd which may shows the industrial impact on the soil. Concerning silt fraction, a varied accumulation of Zn and Cu was observed with soil depth and different soil profiles Ass. Univ. Bull. Environ. Res. 2(1) (1999) 55-68 -٥٦
doi:10.21608/auber.1999.141905 fatcat:yewcmsr4vjhd7khgbe7p4zxgbi