Decision Criteria of the UN Security Council for imposing Sanctions in Cases of Human Rights Violations: The Securitization of Human Rights

Nicole Bollig
Sanctions are one of the most frequently used methods of international intervention. This bachelor s thesis focuses on the differences in the decision-making process of the UN Security Council, when applying sanctions to Yemen and Myanmar, regarding human rights violations. After explaining the relation between human rights and security, the theoretical framework, human rights violations in the countries and methodology, both cases are compared using the securitization theory and its four most
more » ... mportant concepts as a structure, following the most similar systems design. The results indicate that the power relations and context are the most representative, as the interests of the five permanent members of the UNSC vary. In this way, China and Russia can block intervention in Myanmar using their veto power. Furthermore, the context of Myanmar, particularly its period of democratisation and reforms, took attention away from issues occurring in the country. The research sheds new light on the Responsibility to Protect and its shortcomings, as well as problems in the UNSC s structure.
doi:10.5282/ubm/epub.93591 fatcat:mxcxz7gszzgwrfzrgbaahxckmq