1901 The Lancet  
47 the parents during the evening meal is the most fruitful cause which provokes such attacks. Lead-poisoning from toys made of caoutchouc and pottery, leaden soldiers, and the like is pointed out as a cause of night-terrors, and belladonna and aconite injudiciously administered to children suffering from whooping-cough are said to have a similarly ill effect. Children who have been frightened by nurses with tales of ghosts, dark prisons, and other terrifying things are specially liable to
more » ... ally liable to suffer from night-terrors. Investigations into the family history of the child reveal that in most cases the commonest factor is an alcoholic or other neurotic habit or taint in the father or mother, to which can be traced the morbid nervous condition which expresses itself in the child as night-terrors. Attacks mainly occur dunng the third hour of sleep, and treatment should be directed to remove all exciting causes whether internal (alimentary) or external. The bromides may be given as cerebral sedatives, and the last meal of the day should be very light and non-irritating. Education of the child should be so regulated as to abolish and suppress all morbid fears and tales provoking fear.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)89115-7 fatcat:wbjnkymp7nb3fmi3irn5btfou4