Conceptual Design of Document NoSQL Database with Formal Concept Analysis

2016 Acta Polytechnica Hungarica  
Early Big Data solutions were not based on database management system principles. As the popularity of these solutions have increased and are applied in more data management scenarios in the recent years, DBMS principles, are being recognized as important factors and are becoming important in newly developed solutions. Big Data collections do not enforce document structure, but just because a data store is schema-less, it does not mean the structure of the stored documents will not play an
more » ... tant role in the overall performance and flexibility of an application. In this paper we will explore a method for the conceptual modeling for document based databases, using Formal Concept Analysis (FCA). We have shown that FCA is a valuable visual analyzer for large-scale data, for example, offering a means of reading the possibility of nested scheme design from the built concept lattice. Results of experiments using our method have proven that decisions affecting the modeling of data can affect application performance and database capacity.
doi:10.12700/aph.13.2.2016.2.13 fatcat:jdnxlc6lwfenzpiz2dfayfk2fy