A Novel Method for Performance Improvement of Chaos-Based Substitution Boxes

Fırat Artuğer, Fatih Özkaynak
2020 Symmetry  
Symmetry plays an important role in nonlinear system theory. In particular, it offers several methods by which to understand and model the chaotic behavior of mathematical, physical and biological systems. This study examines chaotic behavior in the field of information security. A novel method is proposed to improve the performance of chaos-based substitution box structures. Substitution box structures have a special role in block cipher algorithms, since they are the only nonlinear components
more » ... in substitution permutation network architectures. However, the substitution box structures used in modern block encryption algorithms contain various vulnerabilities to side-channel attacks. Recent studies have shown that chaos-based designs can offer a variety of opportunities to prevent side-channel attacks. However, the problem of chaos-based designs is that substitution box performance criteria are worse than designs based on mathematical transformation. In this study, a postprocessing algorithm is proposed to improve the performance of chaos-based designs. The analysis results show that the proposed method can improve the performance criteria. The importance of these results is that chaos-based designs may offer opportunities for other practical applications in addition to the prevention of side-channel attacks.
doi:10.3390/sym12040571 fatcat:rzt26n7sbzckvnwfbohxujvh7u