Diagnostic Relations Between Pressure and Entropy Perturbations for Acoustic and Entropy Modes [post]

Sergey Leble, Ekaterina Smirnova
2021 unpublished
Diagnostics and decomposition of atmospheric disturbances in a planar flow are considered and applied to numerical modeling results with the direct possibility to use in atmosphere monitoring especially in such strong events which follow magnetic storms. The study examines a situation in which the stationary equilibrium temperature of a gas may depend on a vertical coordinate, that seriously complicates the problem solution. The relations connecting perturbations for acoustic and entropy modes
more » ... and entropy modes are analytically established and led to the solvable diagnostic equations. These perturbation structures, found as the equation solutions specify acoustic and entropy modes in an arbitrary stratified gas under the condition of stability. These time-independent diagnostic relations link gas perturbation variables of the acoustic and the entropy modes. Hence, they provide the ability to decompose the total vector of perturbations into acoustic and non-acoustic (entropy) parts uniquely at any instant within the all accessible heights range. As a prospective model, we consider the diagnostics at the height interval [120;180] km, where the equilibrium temperature of a gas depends linearly on the vertical coordinate. For such a heights range it is possible to proceed with analytical expressions for pressure and entropy perturbations of gas variables. Individual profiles of acoustic and entropy parts for some data, obtained by numerical experiment, are illustrated by the plots for the pure numerical data against ones obtained by the model. The total energy of a flow is determined for both approaches and its height profiles are compared.
doi:10.20944/preprints202103.0274.v2 fatcat:bfy5sk7d5vdkboqyuwoz2wqpmy