Publishing and Discovering Business Services on Private Business Registry in B2B Environment

Nizamuddin Channa, Intzar Ali Lashar
2013 Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology  
The need of data and information is crucial to the human users. WWW (World Wide Web) plays a major role for fulfilling their needs, but sometimes all the purposes of human users are not achieved from the limited structure of the data available on the internet. However, the requirements of the accessibility of the data by users have also been changed and the same data is required in machine understandable form. IT (Information Technology) has become mandatory to convert the existing web from
more » ... isting web from people-centric to software application-centric. The WS (Web Services) provide the suitable solution for application-to-application interoperability and integration over the Internet. WS is a promising technology that make available extensible and logical infrastructure for application to application communication constructed based on the current Web standards. The most accepted charm of the WS architecture is SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). The major roles involved in the WS infrastructure are service broker, service consumer/client and service provider. The technical pillars of WSs involve SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), WSDL (Web Service Description Language) and UDDI (Universal Description and Directory Service). By looking at the core pillars of the SOA triangle, we have investigated and explored all implementation aspects of the WSDL, SOAP and UDDI. We have further explored what UDDI is, structure of UDDI. How to create and publish WSDL into UDDI via SOAP, Operations of UDDI, how to access UDDI using java and SOAP clients. The extensive exploration of the work on UDDI implementation, help the researchers benefiting from our implementations into their core web service researches such as composition, discovery, choreography, orchestration Semantic WS.
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