Critical Path Scheduling with Resource and Processor Constraints

Errol L. Lloyd
1982 Journal of the ACM  
An investigation IS made of the worst-case performance of two related algorithms for scheduhng umt-execut~on-ume task systems w~th resources Unhke most prewous scheduhng results for task systems w~th resources, ~t ~s assumed that there are afixed number of processors m the system. This assumption has both practical and theoreucal interest An upper bound is gwen for the worst-case performance of critical path scheduhng for these task systems This bound depends on both the number of processors
more » ... the number of resources Moreover, it is shown that th~s is (asymptotically) the best possible upper bound It is also noted that exactly the same bound holds for the worst-case performance of Coffman-Graham scheduhng
doi:10.1145/322326.322336 fatcat:iyr3qjtalje3tlicgm6zrtpfva