Färberreben (Teinturiers) sowie rote Farbmutanten weißer Qualitätsrebsorten entstanden durch VvmybA-bedingte Mutationen am Beerenfarblokus

Franco Röckel
In this work, the color mutations of seven red clones of famous grapevine varieties from the German-speaking area were identified by analyzing the transcription factor genes located at the berry color locus (Chr 2, ~14,2 Mb) VvmybA1, VvmybA2 and VvmybA3. Furthermore, the molecular origin of the teinturier grapes could be identified and the effects of the mutation on the phenotype were evaluated.
doi:10.5445/ir/1000071048 fatcat:bjq3xwlhwbeknocb2hs7owns7a