The comparison of self-esteem between male and female cancer patients

F Noghani, Z Monjamed, N Bahrani, V Ghodrati Jablo
2006 HAYAT  
& Aim: Chronic illnesses, such as cancer, can cause changing in self-esteem. This study has been perform to compare the self-esteem between male and female cancer patients. Methods & Materials: In this research 101 patients (51 women and 50 men) with different types of cancer (solid tumors and leukemia) have selected by simple sampling method. The tool for gathering data was a questionnaire, with three parts: demographic characteristics, disease characteristics, and Cooper smith self-esteem
more » ... ntory. Data collection was done through interview, patient's charts and patients self-report. The descriptive and analytic statistics have been used and the exams were "chi-2" and "Fisher", through SPSS software. Results: This study showed that the majority of cancer patients in male and female group have moderate level of self-esteem. There is no significant difference in self-esteem of men and women with cancer and the majority of them (84.3% women) and (%76 men) have moderate self-esteem, but noticeable difference between men and women is connected to the variables that are related to self-esteem, whereas, men's self-esteem has not any significant meaningful relationship with demographic variables, meanwhile, variables of being under support of somebody (p=0.005) and having caregivers at home (p=0.039) have a meaningful relationship with women's' self-esteem. Among the diseases' characters change or decrease in function of different parts of body has a meaningful relationship with men's (p=0.014) and women's (p=0.005) self-esteem. Constipation is the only other variable related to men's' self-esteem (p=0.071), but about women there are some variables related to the self-esteem of them consist of duration of amputation (p=0.018), anorexia (p=0.001), alopecia (p=0.027) and fatigue (p=0.021). Conclusion: It seems that, in comparison between tow genders with cancer although the women's self- esteem is related to more variables than men, but, recognition and specify these variables can help nurses to design an eff [...]
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