Validation of two informant-based screening instruments for personality disorders in a psychiatric outpatient population

Sara Germans, Guus L.Van Heck, Paul PG Hodiamont, Danielle Elshoff, Habib Kondakci, Jeroen Kloet, Cees A. Th. Rijnders
2013 Journal of Hospital Administration  
Purpose: The predictive validity of two informant-based screening instruments for personality disorders (PDs), the Standardized Assessment of Personality (SAP) and a short eight-item version (SAPAS-INF), were studied in 103 Dutch psychiatric outpatients, using the SCID-II as the 'gold standard'. Methods: All patients and their informants were interviewed separately and independently by different interviewers who were unaware of the results in the other conditions. Results: According to the
more » ... cording to the SCID-II, 66 patients had at least one personality disorder (PD). The SAP correctly classified 72% of all participants in the category PD present/absent. The sensitivity and specificity were 69% and 76%, respectively. The positive and negative predictive values were 84% and 58%. The SAPAS-INF, using a cut-off score of 3, correctly classified 70%; the sensitivity and specificity were 76% and 58%, respectively. The positive and the negative predictive values were 77% and 57%. Conclusion: These results show that the informant-based SAP as well as the shorter informant-based SAPAS-INF are adequate; though rather moderate screening instruments for identifying PD. The SAP and the SAPAS-INF, however, both performed worse than the SAPAS-SR, which is based on the patient's self-report. Therefore, it is concluded that the SAP or the SAPAS-INF can be used as a satisfactory screening instruments for the presence/absence of PD in those cases where patients themselves are unable to provide the required information. The sensitivity and the specificity for any PD are 0.69 and 0.76, respectively. The positive predictive value (PPV) and the negative predictive value (NPV) were 0.84 and 0.58 for any PD. The SAP correctly classified 72% of the patients for
doi:10.5430/jha.v2n2p133 fatcat:oisgpd73mzhelnc3livibtcrn4