Using Collision Cross Section Distributions to Assess the Distribution of Collision Cross Section Values [post]

Aidan France, Lukasz Migas, Eleanor Sinclair, Bruno Bellina, Perdita Barran
2019 unpublished
In this study we explore the use of collision cross section distributions to allow comparability of IM-MS data for proteins on different instruments. We present measurements on seven standard proteins across three IM-MS configurations, namely an Agilent 6560 IM QToF, a Waters Synapt G2 possessing a TWIMS cell and a modified Synapt G2 possessing an RF confining linear field drift cell. Mobility measurements were taken using both He and N<sub>2</sub> as the drift gases. To aid comparability
more » ... comparability across instruments and best assess the corresponding gas-phase conformational landscapes of the protein 'standards' we present the data in the form of averaged collision cross section distributions.
doi:10.26434/chemrxiv.8241395.v1 fatcat:3jfaogymsrhitcq6u5mdcxsne4