Excitation of Coherent Spin Waves in GdFeCo film

A. Tsukamoto, K. Nakagawa, A. Itoh, A. Kimel, A. Tsvetkov, H. Awano, N. Ohta, A. Kirilyuk, Th. Rasing
2004 Transactions of the Magnetics Society of Japan  
We present results of a time-resolved study of the ultrafast magnetic response of Gd23.1Fe71.9Co5.0 MAMMOS structures under conditions near actual read/write temperatures. An all-optical pump and probe method was used in which an intense (pump) light beam excited a medium due to ultrafast laser heating and a less intense beam monitored this photo-excited state through the magneto-optical Kerr effect. Our experiment clearly demonstrates that the photo-excitation effectively excites coherent spin
more » ... waves in the magnetic material. Precession frequencies of several GHz and relaxation times in the nanosecond range were observed.
doi:10.3379/tmjpn2001.4.322 fatcat:rpm7ntqegrfr7ly26iyev3kyva