LIVING CONDITION AND RESIDENT'S VIEW IN COLLECTIVE HOUSES FOR THE AGED : In case of public housing built in 1990-1991 in Otofuke, Akabira and Takikawa(Architectural Planning and Design)
高齢者向け集合住宅の生活実態と居住者意識に関する研究 : 設立から約10年を経過した音更・赤平・滝川の公営住宅を事例として(建築計画)

Takahiro MIZUKAMI, Takahiro NOGUCHI
2005 AIJ Journal of Technology and Design  
Recently , the environment that the aged can liv 巳 healthy and independently is demanded . Some measures against such various problems as loneliness death b omes necessary , In such situation , colleotive houses fbr the aged have been change , given various devices to support them and to have a substantial life . However it is asked whether they are appropriate 、 Then, in出is , study, while clarifying living condition and resjdent ' s view in the coll tive houses fbr the aged 〔 Otof ね ke hureai
more » ... ousing , Akabira hinode haitu , and Takikawa hureai home) , the passage oftime change ofresident ' s life sty1e and ofdemand f')r living pay attention , and by comparing the present with the past, it aims at exploring the state of the future cotlective houses fbr the aged ,
doi:10.3130/aijt.11.221 fatcat:lhvwhictrzbsnc6lr2foej7xgq