Quantitative inhibitory influence of porcine cumulus cells upon the maturation of pig and cattle oocytes in vitro

J. Petr, L. Zetová, J. Fulka, F. Jílek
1989 Reproduction nutrition development (Print)  
― Porcine cumulus oocyte complexes (COCs) were cultured together in 10-)ii droplets of culture medium. When 10 COCs were cultured for 24 h, germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD) occurred in 81% of them. When more COCs (20 or 40) were put into the same volume of medium the frequency of GVBD gradually decreased. This inhibition was not observed in denuded oocytes. The process of GVBD was adversely influenced when 10 COCs were cultured in cumulus-preconditioned medium. It is concluded that porcine
more » ... ed that porcine cumulus cells produced a factor inhibiting GVBD. After removing the inhibitory block and extensive washing, GVBD of arrested oocytes was significantly accelerated. The addition of LH or heparin only partially overcame the inhibitory action. This factor produced by porcine cumulus cells negatively influenced maturation of bovine oocytes; however, a similar effect was not demonstrated in the mouse. Our results suggest that a high concentration of porcine cumulus cells exerts a quantitative inhibitory effect upon GVBD of porcine and cattle oocytes cultured in vitro. ovocyterupture de vésicule germinativeinhibitioncellules du cumulus ― porc
doi:10.1051/rnd:19890503 fatcat:lnkmv7wvgfarnkhmbgihfwhhme