Fallen into Oblivion: The 1956 Greek-Dutch Expedition to Archanes on Crete

Bart Wagemakers
2015 Bulletin of the History of Archaeology  
Documentation of the unpublished Greek-Dutch excavation in 1956 at Troullos -the eastern quarter of Archanes on the isle of Crete -was recently rediscovered and assembled. The slides, photographs, plans and notes, presented here for the first time, not only provide a vivid picture of the excavation that had fallen into oblivion, but also offer an interesting view of the methods and approaches of archaeology at the time, the ways of communication in the archaeological world and the circumstances in which campaigns were organised in the 1950s.
doi:10.5334/bha.251 fatcat:aojhq6k7cncjdgtu6zysgp2jcu