Selective conversion of primary amides to esters promoted by KHSO4

Narsimha Sattenapally, Jhanvi Sharma, Yuqing Hou
2018 ARKIVOC  
Primary amides, either aliphatic or aromatic, are easily converted to the corresponding esters via reflux in lower primary alcohols in the presence of KHSO 4 . Secondary amides lead to complicated mixtures under analogous conditions, whereas tertiary amides were inert. Use of isopropyl alcohol resulted in the formation of product at slower rate and lower yield along with side products, whereas, use of tertiary alcohols did not give successful conversion and allyl and benzyl alcohol provided complex mixtures.
doi:10.24820/ark.5550190.p010.392 fatcat:3owwv7qvpbejlbvly3o3qrektq