Turbulent planetary nebulae around [WC]–type stars

A. Acker, K. Gesicki, Y. Grosdidier, S. Durand
2002 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
Through a high-resolution spectroscopic survey, we analyze the velocity field of 16 planetary nebulae with [WC]-or wels-type nuclei in comparison with 8 nebulae having other central star types. We found spectral evidence for finite turbulent velocities in [WC]-type planetary nebulae superimposed on an essentially constant expansion velocity pattern. The nebulae around O-type stars show no evidences for significant turbulence while their expansion velocity is found to increase outwards. Both
more » ... s of nebulae show the same mean expansion velocity. Our results support the earlier suggestions that nebulae surrounding [WC] central stars are likely related to long-lasting momentum-driven phase bubbles. Turbulence in the nebulae can be either triggered, or enhanced, by stellar wind inhomogeneities that appear ubiquitous in Wolf-Rayet nuclei.
doi:10.1051/0004-6361:20020009 fatcat:y4igiuq5ovb4pfwdolaii22dye