Shell-to-shell energy transfer in magnetohydrodynamics. II. Kinematic dynamo

Pablo Mininni, Alexandros Alexakis, Annick Pouquet
2005 Physical Review E  
We study the transfer of energy between different scales for forced three-dimensional MHD turbulent flows in the kinematic dynamo regime. Two different forces are examined: a non-helical Taylor Green flow with magnetic Prandtl number P_M=0.4, and a helical ABC flow with P_M=1. This analysis allows us to examine which scales of the velocity flow are responsible for dynamo action, and identify which scales of the magnetic field receive energy directly from the velocity field and which scales
more » ... d which scales receive magnetic energy through the cascade of the magnetic field from large to small scales. Our results show that the turbulent velocity fluctuations are responsible for the magnetic field amplification in the small scales (small scale dynamo) while the large scale field is amplified mostly due to the large scale flow. A direct cascade of the magnetic field energy from large to small scales is also present and is a complementary mechanism for the increase of the magnetic field in the small scales. Input of energy from the velocity field in the small magnetic scales dominates over the energy that is cascaded down from the large scales until the large-scale peak of the magnetic energy spectrum is reached. At even smaller scales, most of the magnetic energy input is from the cascading process.
doi:10.1103/physreve.72.046302 pmid:16383528 fatcat:c65yt5iatjd6njaextua6lljly