A High-Efficiency Bidirectional Active Balance for Electric Vehicle Battery Packs Based on Model Predictive Control

Shixin Song, Feng Xiao, Silun Peng, Chuanxue Song, Yulong Shao
2018 Energies  
This study designs an active equilibrium control strategy based on model predictive control (MPC) for series battery packs. To shorten equalisation time and reduce unnecessary energy consumption, bidirectional active equalisation is modelled and analysed, and the model predictive control algorithm is then applied to the established state space equation. The optimisation problem that minimises the equilibrium time is transformed to a linear programming form in each cycle. By solving the linear
more » ... ogramming problem online, a group of control optimal solutions is found and the series equalisation problem is decoupled. The equalisation time is shortened by dynamically adjusting the equalisation current. Simulation results show that the MPC algorithm can avoid unnecessary energy transfer and shorten equalisation time. The bench experimental result shows that the equilibrium time is reduced by 31%, verifying the rationality of the MPC strategy.
doi:10.3390/en11113220 fatcat:acogjd7wnraxjbus4qzqemwvdy