A Superior Delay Estimation Model For Vlsi Interconnect In Current Mode Signaling

Sunil Jadav, Rajeevan Chandel Munish Vashishath
2015 Zenodo  
Today's VLSI networks demands for high speed. And in this work the compact form mathematical model for current mode signalling in VLSI interconnects is presented.RLC interconnect line is modelled using characteristic impedance of transmission line and inductive effect. The on-chip inductance effect is dominant at lower technology node is emulated into an equivalent resistance. First order transfer function is designed using finite difference equation, Laplace transform and by applying the
more » ... applying the boundary conditions at the source and load termination. It has been observed that the dominant pole determines system response and delay in the proposed model. The novel proposed current mode model shows superior performance as compared to voltage mode signalling. Analysis shows that current mode signalling in VLSI interconnects provides 2.8 times better delay performance than voltage mode. Secondly the damping factor of a lumped RLC circuit is shown to be a useful figure of merit.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1100455 fatcat:gzpqtxgjtnd2dmovvmvk5veda4