Family symmetries and proton decay [report]

Hitoshi Murayama, D.B. Kaplan
1994 unpublished
Institute for Nuclear Theory HN-12 University o f W ashington Seattle WA 98195, USA The proton decay modes p ! K 0 e + and p ! K 0 + may be visible in certain supersymmetric theories, and if seen would provide evidence for new avor physics at extremely short distances. These decay modes can arise from the dimension ve operator (Q 1 Q 1 Q 2 L 1;2 ), where Q i and L i are i th generation quark and lepton superelds respectively. Such an operator is not generated at observable levels due to gauge
more » ... Higgs boson exchange in a minimal GUT. However in theories that explain the fermion mass hierarchy, it may be generated at the Planck scale with a strength such that the decays p ! K 0'+ are both compatible with the proton lifetime and visible at Super-Kamiokande. Observable proton decay can even occur in theories without unication. 6/94 This work was supported in part by the
doi:10.2172/10177897 fatcat:pbpw2hd72fhxvasqhphbbsynmy