Tension Cavity

Sun Bo Song, Kyung Sik Kim
1962 Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases  
The concept of the tension cavity is relatively recent. The purpose of the present report is to emphasize the frequency of tension cavities in c1inical tube1'culòsis and to stress the role of endobronchial obstruction in the causation of such cavities. The tension cavities are often encountered in pulmonary tuberculosis.The cavities are caused by a check-valve mechanism resulting chiefly from two factors: an organic bronchial obstruction or a mechanical bronchial obstruction.Ten cases of
more » ... cavity were presented. It was exclusively predominant in male, in relatively young adults.Obliteration or marked reduction of the tension cavities occurred in 2 to 9 weeks.The cavities of eight cases located in upper lung field, while the remainders located in middle lung field.The size of cavities were within 4cm, all but one which was 4.2cm. in diameter. The 6 cases were infectious.About 60 percent of tension cavity patients had blood-streaked sputum or hemoptysis. Chest pain was recorded in four cases. All but two cases had elevated ESR. AIl cases gained favorable, dramatic results with the rest and the effective anti-tuberculous chemotherapy.
doi:10.4046/trd.1962.12.1.91 fatcat:td5m3d2iu5hzxfpeafbrztnfgi