The Concept and Structure of Territorial Ecology Economic Modelling Geoinformatical System (GIS) in Management and Development of Sochi Region

2016 Modeling of Artificial Intelligence  
The automated information systems of support decision are the formation basis of the automated systems of monitoring, forecasting and management of natural processes in coastal sea regions. All information on the processes happening in the region has to gather in the form of multipurpose databases of indicators, parameters, criteria for evaluation of processes, calculation procedures and the analysis of the indicators grouped in spheres of activity; and knowledge bases of experts in various
more » ... erts in various areas of ecological management; and database of standard decisions. Structures of thematic databases (storages of data) on the main processes in environment of the coastal region, databases of indicators of these processes and criteria for evaluation of a situation on the main spheres of regional activity are proved in article.
doi:10.13187/mai.2016.11.128 fatcat:gbt27zvvkberdnxhlwyfzllqs4