Lapis Lazuli An International Literary Journal Dalit Subject and the Experiences of Partition: Identity, Memory, Politics

Pratibha Kumari
The year 1947 has a significant place in the history of modern India. A mere gloss over Partition archives is sufficient to suggest that the division was extremely painful. Partition and Caste Politics are often thought of as two separate discursive terrains in the history of modern India. There have been limited attempts in academia to read these two terms in relation to each another. Nonetheless, the idea has gained currency and the revisionist historiography of Partition has started
more » ... as started grappling the issues of trauma, loss and collective memory from the lens of multiple identities. While different communities have registered their experiences in one way or the other, the Dalit perspective on Partition seems to have been stifled-both in nationalist historiographies of Partition as well as literature. Even if they do exist, they are largely invisible from the mainstream literature about Partition. This paper aims to discuss the position of Dalits during the freedom struggle and after the Partition of India. It sheds light on the politics of