Copper Oxide Incorporated Zeolite Catalyst Developed from Waste Coal Fly Ash Material and Its Catalytic Wet Peroxide Oxidative Degradation of Crystal Violet Dye

E Subramanian, N Subbulekshmi
2016 Journal of Advanced Chemical Sciences   unpublished
CuO incorporated highly efficient and cheap catalyst material zeolite (CuO/FAZ) was synthesized from waste coal fly ash by ion exchange followed by calcination process. All the synthesized materials were characterized by various techniques. Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation using CuO/FAZ as a heterogeneous catalyst was investigated in the degradation of crystal violet (CV) dye in aqueous solution with H2O2 oxidant. CuO/FAZ significantly had high efficiency in the degradation of CV (100%), and
more » ... mg catalyst was sufficient to degrade 50 mg/L dye at pH 6.8 after 180 min treatment. CuO loading, catalyst dosage, oxidant concentration, dye concentration, solution pH and recycling of the catalyst were investigated in order to evaluate Fenton effects. These results indicated that the catalyst had a superior activity in the degradation and mineralization of dye. Further, the catalyst was highly reusable and stable for long-running wet catalytic application.