Basic studies on chemical control of acaroid mites : 6. Cholinesterase activities in mice and rats maintained on the fenthion impregnating paper sheet during the period of twelve-months under the practical condition
薬剤によるコナダニ類駆除の研究 : 第 6 報 Fenthion 処理防虫畳シートを実際条件下において 12 ヵ月間マウス, ラッテに接触させた時の影響について

Shunnosuke HIRAKOSO, Mitsuo MIYAZAKI, Yoshiharu NAKAZATO
1975 Medical Entomology and Zoology  
doi:10.7601/mez.26.221 fatcat:n3t74kicw5bobmnnagbb7wf4cm