Optimization of the Gain Medium Delivery System for an X-Ray Laser Oscillator

Monika Yadav, Eric Galtier, Aliaksei Halavanau, Nathan Majernik, Andrei Malinouski, Pratik Manwani, Brian Naranjo, Claudio Pellegrini, James Rosenzweig, Lin, Liu (Ed.), Byrd, John M. (Ed.), Regis Neuenschwander (Ed.) (+2 others)
X-ray laser oscillator, dubbed XLO, is a recently proposed project at SLAC to build the first population inversion X-ray laser. XLO utilizes a train of XFEL SASE pulses to pump atomic core-states. The resulting amplified spontaneous emission radiation is recirculated in a backscattering Bragg cavity and subsequently amplified. XLO could provide fully coherent, transform-limited X-ray pulses with 50 meV bandwidth and 1e10 photons. Currently, XLO is being considered for operation at the copper
more » ... lpha line at 8048 eV. In this work, we focus on the optimization of gain medium delivery in the XLO cavity. We consider a fast, subsonic jet of copper nitrate solution, moving through a cylindrical nozzle. We focus on the nozzle geometry optimization and possible diagnostics of the jet-XFEL interaction point.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2021-mopab150 fatcat:d4zs6m3g2fah7a57ai6v7iorcu