Financial optimisation of the scheduling for the multi-stage project

M. Klimek, P. Łebkowski
2017 Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences  
The paper analyses the problem of discounted cash flow maximising for the resource-constrained project scheduling from the project contractor's perspective. Financial optimisation for the multi-stage project is considered. Cash outflows are the contactor's expenses related to activity execution. Cash inflows are the client's payments for the completed milestones. To solve the problem, the procedure of backward scheduling taking into account contractual milestones is proposed. The effectiveness
more » ... The effectiveness of this procedure, as used to generate solutions for the simulated annealing algorithm, is verified with use of standard test instances with additionally defined cash flows and contractual milestones.
doi:10.1515/bpasts-2017-0097 fatcat:ggvlpeet7fb3vbr2wmr5cdl2k4