İlkokul Öğrencilerinin Çevre Kirliliğine İlişkin Görüşleri

2017 Yuzunci Yil Universitesi Egitim Fakultesi Dergisi  
The aim of this research is to determine the opinions of the third grade students in primary school on the concept of environment environmental and pollution. The study was a qualitative study of student's ideas about environment and environmental pollution. The participants of the study were 22 3 th grade student from 2 different schools in Kastamonu. While one of the schools where the research is conducted takes place in a village, the other is located in the province center. Data were
more » ... r. Data were gathered by semi-structured interviews consisted of 4 open-ended questions. The content analysis technique was applied in the analysis of data. According to the findings of the research, almost all of the students in the village school stated that the encounters were made from living creatures, whereas the students in the central school stated that the surrounding area is where living and non-living assets coexist. The students in the village and the central school frequently used waste garbage expressions as environmental pollution. In additionto this, they talked about air pollution from car exhausts and chimneys. While the students in the central school refer to fumes from car exhausts, the village school students refer more to the fumes from their homes' floors. Both students in the village school and the central school stated that the most important factor causing environmental pollution is human. They also emphasized that people should be made aware of environmental pollution firstly. In addition, they stated that the number of trash cans in the surrounding area should be increased. Keywords: Environment, environmental pollution, primary school students 1600 towards the environment. Afterwards, they will be able to direct their students towards positive behaviors towards the environment.
doi:10.23891/efdyyu.2017.56 fatcat:y2mjpwbr4jgfrdkrukqjzjilo4