Code-fed omnidirectional arrays

S.E. El-Khamy, O.A. Abdel-Alim, A.M. Rushdi, A.H. Banah
1989 IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering  
The synthesis of linear and planar arrays of desired omnidirectional intensity patterns is considered. A new approach that utilizes the relation between the array intensity pattern and the correlation function of the used feeding sequence, or code, is adopted. The basic theory of such code-fed arrays is reviewed and it is shown that almost omnidirectional patterns result when codes with sharp autocorrelation functions are used as the feeding sequences. Examples of omnidirectional linear and
more » ... ar arrays fed with Barker codes, Kuttruff-Quadt trial and error two-dimensional binary codes, and nonbinary Huffman-type codes are presented. The results of the paper have direct applications in underwater communication systems, public address systems, and in acoustical imaging systems. They can also be easily adapted to antenna arrays.
doi:10.1109/48.35989 fatcat:xvlhrdwfendqhmlhbb2i24elqy