Efficient slicing procedure based on adaptive layer depth normal image

Long Zeng, Lip Man-Lip Lai, Di Qi, Yuen-Hoo Lai, Matthew Ming-Fai Yuen
2011 Computer-Aided Design  
This is the Pre-Published Version  An efficient construction algorithm for RP layered model is proposed based on LDNI.  Solid is converted into LDNI representation which is a layered and ordered point cloud.  Boolean operation is performed on 1D segment in LDNI.  Loops are constructed according to three simple rules.  Mesh with 2 million triangles can be sliced in 2.5 seconds. Abstract: In layered modeling for rapid prototyping of products, compromising slicing accuracy and time is a
more » ... al issue. Based on adaptive Layer Depth Normal Image (LDNI), this paper proposes an efficient algorithm to achieve this compromise for complex Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) models. First, each primitive at the tree leaf is converted adaptively into a LDNI solid whose Boolean operation can be performed efficiently. Then, a layered model is constructed directly from the Booleaned LDNI solid since it is actually a set of layered and ordered point cloud. In addition to speed, efficient use of memory is also taken into account in design of the adaptive LDNI algorithm. The capability and efficiency of this slicing algorithm are demonstrated by examples.
doi:10.1016/j.cad.2011.06.007 fatcat:2bodiisigzbwfcx2yadqlda2im